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A great ADSB LNA for only 25€

I run my ADSB Radar now for over a year and started out with a Flightaware Pro Stick that worked very well. A few months ago i bought the very well known ADSB filtered LNA from UpUtronics that seems like it is the favorite of the community around the World.

Some weeks after i had my new LNA, the producer of the high quality RTL SDRs that many people use released a ADSB LNA. developted a 3 time filtered LNA with two gain stages that has a gain of 27db and attenuates all out of band signals at least 60db.

I tested the LNA over past weeks and it was able to perform as well as my old one that costs double the price. Sometimes it seems to be even a litlle bit better then the UpUtronics one, what is really suprising to me for that low price.

I can just recommend this filtered amplifier to everyone that is thinking about upgrading his ADSB Setup with an LNA. You can buy it on the Shop form China (Shipping took only 2 weeks to DE) or over Amazon if you are in the US.

I also made the Video down below about it:

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