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Carbon Arrow Yagi Antenna - 20€ dual band yagi

A lot of ham radio operators use an Arrow Dual band Yagi that is made by a company in the USA to make contacts over satellites. The Antenna has enough gain for use with a low power 5w handheld radio and is relatively light.

It costs around 150$, what is not cheap. If you live in Europe you pay even more because of shipping etc. I found two German ham radio operators that published information online to build Yagi antennas. The first one DK7ZB has some information about single band yagis and a simple match. DL3RTL used his plans and made a Arrow style dual band yagi out of it. I used these informations and designed a carbon version that is ultra light and simple to build because of the use of 3D printed parts.

I made a video describing how to build it here:

Material list

  • 2x 50cm carbon rod 12mm outer diameter (boom)
  • aluminium clamps for the carbon rods
  • some m3 bolts and nuts
  • the 3d printed parts
  • aluminium rods with 6mm (~3,5m) and 10mm (~1,5m) diameter (Elements)
  • 50ohm and 75ohm cable (at least two meters of each)
  • cable lugs (for m3 screws)


I uploaded the parts i designed that need to be 3D printed onto Thingiverse. You can download them for free here: Thingiverse: Carbon Arrow Yagi

The parts have to be spaced according to the image below to get the right spacing between the elements. Note that the 2m and 70cm yagi are crossed by 90°.

ArrowYagi part spacing

The Elements need to have the folowing lenghts and need to be mounted centered on the boom.

ArrowYagi elements 2m ArrowYagi elements 70cm

Because some People asked me for a Photo of the Carbon Clamps, here is one: ArrowYagi clmap info

Here are also links to DK7ZB and DL3RTL that provided information that i used to make my version of the Antenna:

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