QO100 firstQSO TX

First QO100 QSO - with a indoor 60cm Dish

Yeeees! I got my first QSO over the new QO100 Amateur Radio Satellite Today with DK8KW. It also was my first ever CW QSO, so that are two first for me Today, great!

I used a 60cm Dish i had laying around for RX and TX that was standing indoors and looking out of the window. It had a Octagon Oslo PLL LNB for RX and a small Patch Antenna above that. The Patch was only helöd by a pair of "Third hands" btw.

QO100 firstQSO lnb

My Receiver was an simple RTLSDR, i think it is a version 2 from rtl-sdr.com, but the labeling is gone so i don't know for sure. For Transmitting i used my PlutoSdr connected to a chineese WIFI Amplifier.

QO100 firstQSO TX

Due to the low TX Power of the Pluto, i needed to add at least one LNA (used 2x SPF5189Z for my QSO) between it and the Amp. Otherwise the WIFI Amp is not enabled on transmit because the input power is to low. Even with the LNAs i don't get anywhere near the maximum AMP Output i think, so there is a lot to improve. Still, the Signal Strenght in CW is not to bad in comparision to the CW beacon.

QO100 firstQSO signal

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