MI pass3 img2

SSTV from the ISS - Cosmonautics day - 40 year anniversary

The ISS is sending SSTV images from the 11th April for 3 Days on all orbits insted of only moscau passes. Mode is PD120 on the common 145.800mhz Downlink frequency.

I will mostly use my QFH and my Airspy Mini to receive the images this time. More information on my QTH page.

I will update this post at least once a day with the images i was able to receive.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

(Green = Received | Blue = partly | Black = not received)

I got all images at least once and only one is not complete. I'm very happy with that result because i only used my QFH and Airspy mini without any amplifier.

11th April - First Day

The transmission from the ISS started a hour later or so as planned, so i wasn't able to get any image on my first pass.

The Second pass was auto recorded while i was stil at work and produced one good image.

MI pass1 img1

The Third pass had quite a high elevation and i was able to get two images.

MI pass2 img1

MI pass2 img2

The fourth pass had again quite a high elevation and i got again two images.

MI pass3 img1

MI pass3 img2

The fifth pass had a max elevation of a moderate 49° and i was able to get two and a half images.

MI pass4 img1

MI pass4 img2

MI pass4 img3

The last pass of the day had a max elv of only 11°, but i was able to get parts of two images.

MI pass5 img1

MI pass5 img2

The Result of the First day is awesome! I got image 1, 2, 10, 11, 12 and a part of 9.

12th April - Second Day

The first pass of the day had a max elv of only 16° and i'm very happy with the result.

DO pass1 img1

DO pass1 img2

The Second pass was quite good with 62° max elevation and i was able to get one perfect and a noisy image out of it.

DO pass2 img1

DO pass2 img2

On the third pass i was able to get one perfect image, a bit at the start and a noisy one. The Thunderstorm was not helping, so there are some lines in all images.

DO pass3 img1

DO pass3 img2

DO pass3 img3

The fourth pass gave me one good image as well as a part of one.

DO pass4 img1

DO pass4 img2

To my surprise i got quite a lot from the last pass with a max elv of only 19°. I also gave that pass a try with my yagi on the field, but i need to get used to it again. Hope i have the weather tomorrow to use it on more passes.

DO pass5 img1

DO pass5 img2

DO pass5 img3

After the Second day i got the following images: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12 and a parts of 3, 7, 9

13th April - last Day (or not?)

First pass

FR pass1 img1

FR pass1 img2

Second pass

FR pass2 img1

FR pass2 img2

Third pass

FR pass3 img1

FR pass3 img2

Fourth pass

FR pass4 img1

FR pass4 img2

Fifth pass

FR pass5 img1

FR pass5 img2

Saturday - still sending :O

I didn't remember that the ISS is transmitting today so i missed the first two passes (5° and 28° elv) :( But i was able to get some more images from the last passes over europe.

Finally got the SALUT-7 image on the first Pass i received as well as a part of the missing image 8!

SA pass1 img1

SA pass1 img2

The Second pass was also great because i got the SALUT-6 image!

SA pass2 img1

SA pass2 img2

The third pass wasn't bad but i hoiped for a complete image 8.

SA pass3 img1

SA pass3 img2

That pass had a max elevation of only 10°...not much but at least something

SA pass4 img1

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