SSTV from the ISS - MAI75 - December 2017

There is a ongoing SSTV event on the ISS from the 6th December to the 8th where the ISS is sending images in PD120 in the VHF band at 145.8mhz.

Note that it is planned to be only active on orbits that reach Moscow on the 7th and 8th.

I will update this post with my recent received images as soon as possible.

What use for the RX

All images will be received with my QFH on the Roof that is connected to a AirspyMini by a 5m long cable. I also have a FM Filter right before the SDR but there is no LNA in the setup.

Strange Voice in SSTV Downlink

I noticed that there was a female voice in the third pass on the 6th of December. I filtered out the SSTV sound a little bit and chained the voice of one img (2 minutes) together. Sounds like Russian, who knows what she is saying? Please conatct me on Twitter (@Tysonpower) or write an email, i'm curious...

Wednesday - 6th December

The first day they only transmitted some test images, but they where already quite cool. On the first pass where SSTV was active I only got one good image because the timing of the transmission was not the best.

DO pass1 img1

The second pass had a lower elevation, but I was able to get the last half of an image when the ISS came into range. The second img has some noise in it, but it is quite good. The last one started at 10° elv. so the end of the img was after my LOS.

DO pass2 img1 DO pass2 img2 DO pass2 img3

The third and last pass of the day had an elv. of 39° and I got two complete images. The last transmission started at 8° so the station was out of range at the end.

DO pass3 img1 DO pass3 img2 DO pass3 img3

Thursday - 7th December

I didn't had time to receive the passes of the ISS myself, so i let my Notebook autorecord the passes what worked really well. The ISS is now sending other images as before, i got one part on the beginning of the pass and a full one with some noise at high elevation.

DO pass1 img1 DO pass1 img2

The second pass had no thrid image at the end of the pass, but i got a full image.

DO pass2 img1

At the last and third pass of the day, where the SSTV was active, I was able to get two full images although with some noise in the first one.

DO pass3 img1 DO pass3 img2

Friday - 8th December

I used autorecord like before, on the two passes the SSTV was active. I was able to get two images that each ahve some noise in it. The second one ended right before my LOS.

FR pass1 img1 FR pass1 img2

I don't know why, but the first image is very noisy. Seemed like there where obstructions, so it could be the hill to my West. But the second one turned out perfect :)

FR pass2 img1 FR pass2 img2


I was able to get full or most of the images 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 in the two days. As an addition i got the test images 1, 2, 8, 11, 12 from the 6th December.

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