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SSTV from the ISS - MAI75 - April 2nd and 3rd 2018

The ISS will transmit images over SSTV on the 2nd and 3th April on passes that go over Moscow, Russia. They use the PD120 mode and transmit on 145.800mhz as always.

I will use my QFH on the Roof as well as my Airspy Mini sdr to recive the images. You can find more about my QTH here.

I will update this post regularly with all the images i was able to get.


The First pass for me had an max elv. of only 16° and i got the following image from it. The missing part at the beginning was not transmitted (only carrier). That was also the only thing they send out on that pass.

MO pass1 img1

The Second pass was timed very badly for me because they stoped the transmission for over 7 minutes until it was over moscow. Because of that i wasn't able to get any image out of it.


The first pass had a max elv of 40° and i was able to get a full image. After that no other image was transmitted until i had LOS.

DI pass1 img1

The second and last pass of the event had a max elv of a huge 80° and i got two whole images.

DI pass2 img1

DI pass2 img2


I was able to get the Images 2, 4, 5 and 7 from this short event what was anything that was in my range. The timing was not that great for me because they stopped transmitting between images for a long time to get a perfect image for moscow, but i hope they change tha for the next event :)

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