SSTV from the ISS - MAI75 - June 2018

The ISS is sending SSTV Images again on the 6th and 7th of june on Orbits that pass over Moscow. As always they use a 145,8mhz Downlink and PD120 modulation that uses around 16khz of bandwidth (FM Wide).

I will use my DIY QFH Antenna at the Roof with my Airspy mini to receive the Signal for this short SSTV event.

I was able to get two clean images at the last two passes at the first day. On the first pass he ISS only transmitted a carrier.

MI pass2 img1 marked

MI pass3 img1 marked

Second and last Day

I only had two useable passes today, but i got one perfect image and some partial ones. The last pass had a longer then normal pause to get a perfect image for moscow so my Image was quite noisy.

DO pass2 img1 marked

DO pass2 img2 marked

DO pass3 img1 marked

DO pass3 img2 marked

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